0151 – UltraTape KWIKrip Polyethylene Serrated Super-Tack® Tape

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UltraTape 1151 / 0151 is a high tack cleanroom general purpose and construction tape. It has a unique serrated edge allowing for easy tearing by hand. It quickly bonds to all surfaces, has very low outgassing properties and removes cleanly from most surfaces

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Product Description


UltraTape cleanroom construction tapes are designed for critical environment construction and support applications. UltraTape construction tapes can be used for hanging heavy plastic sheeting to create temporary walls, taping cart wheels, pipefitting, ductwork, floor marking, and color coding. Cleanroom construction colored and striped hazard warning tapes help designate the OSHA critical areas in cleanrooms.

Backing Polyethylene
Adhesive Rubber
Total Thickness 7.0 +/-1.0 mil
Adhesion to Steel 180 degree Peel 60 oz/inch min
Operating Temp -20 to +176° F
Elongation at Break 80%
Tensile Strength 20 lbs/in
Length 36 yds
Available Colors White with serrated edges

Part Numbers: 0151WH200-P3S, 1151WH200-P3S

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight N/A



2 in


108 ft


7 mils


Classic Clean, UltraClean



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