Armadillo Heavy Duty Floor and Pavement Marking Tape – 3 Inch Width

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Use this reinforced heavy duty floor tape for high impact traffic areas. Great for marking off safety aisles, pallet storage, parking areas, and work areas.
Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Product Description

DURABLE AND VERSATILE – Ultra durable 3 inch wide floor tape with permanent adhesive. Suited for many surfaces. For indoor and outdoor use.

EXCELLENT FOR HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS – Thick reinforced rubberized carrier with an aggressive weather-proof adhesive system.

TRACTION RATED – Mild abrasive/slip-resistant surface with glass beads for reflectivity. -Perfect for steps, landing, curb, walk, driveway, parking lot.

HIGH BOND STRENGTH ADHESIVE – Tape will adhere to a variety of industrial surfaces including smooth concrete, asphalt, sealed wood, and steel.

CLEANABLE – Taped Line can be easily cleaned with standard industrial cleaning machines and procedures.

SIMPLE AND EASY PEEL-&-STICK INSTALLATION – No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up to limit productivity.

AVAILABLE in 5 different colors, 3 inch width, 36′ and 108′ rolls to meet your needs.

EXCELLENT RESISTANCE to pivoting fork lift tires.

Armadillo Safety Aisle Floor Marking Tape is a new concept in floor striping technology. Based on a similar principle of high traffic highway asphalt striping tape this product is designed to bond permanently to smooth or textured concrete and asphalt surfaces indoors or outdoors.

Unlike paint which quickly detaches from smooth surfaces, the unique armadillo adhesive will bite and hold under the most extreme conditions. Exceptionally well suited for oil and chemical environments, this tape will take anything you throw at it and keep on going.

Glass beads embedded in the surface provide extra visibility in low light conditions and reflect light back to help make your safety stripes stand out. Where painted lines become harder to see as dirt is ground into the surface.


  • Create a highly visible safety aisle for your employees.
  • Color code parking spaces for various equipment and materials.
  • Outline trip hazards and steps. Mark out fire lanes and fire equipment.
  • Use on the loading dock and receiving areas where extra visibility and durability are needed.
  • Stripe back up lines for trucks with reflective visibility.
  • Marking yellow caution on landing and stair edges.
  • Outlining color themes like equipment parking spaces.
  • Red, white and blue lines to outline the veterans special parking space.
  • Go green by marking the location for green or blue recycle bins.
  • Use red for fire exit, fire equipment and fire lane marking.
  • White is a great contrasting color to highlight uneven concrete on sidewalks or elevation changes.

Armadillo Heavy Duty Floor and Pavement Marking Tape has a removable poly liner for easy application. Surface must be clean, dry and room temperature for best bonding. Test in a small area to ensure acceptability for intended bonding. Test in a small area to ensure acceptability for intended application



Adhesive: Permanent Co-Polymer Rubber Based Weather-Resistant Adhesive

Application Temperature: 50 degree Fahrenheit (10 degree Celsius) to 104 degree Fahrenheit (40 degree Celsius) Maintained at this temperature for 24 hours for best bond.

Service Temperature: 0 degree Fahrenheit (-18 degree Celsius) to 150 degree Fahrenheit (65 degree Celsius)

Total Thickness: 60 MILS (1.5mm)

Part Numbers: ARM310, ARM311, ARM312, ARM313, ARM321

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight N/A

Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow


3 in


36 ft, 108 ft


60 mils



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