Incom – Conspicuity 7″/11″ – 2″ x 30′ Red/White – V57203SR


5 Year Red and White Conspicuity Truck Marking High Intensity Reflective Tape (7 Inch/11 Inch pattern) 2 Inch x 30 Foot – INC_V57203SR

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Product Description

A highly reflective 5 Year Conspicuity DOT Reflective tape to improve visibility of large vehicles, trucks and trailers on the road. DOT-C2 rated reflective tape is required for vehicles over 80″ wide and weighing over 10,000 lbs. DOT tape design is a series of reflective prisms that concentrate and reflect light, allowing the vehicle or trailer to be easily spotted in low light conditions. UV stabilized, weather and damage resistant, Incom reflective conspicuity tape is a durable material, constructed for a long-lasting service. These products of conveniently cut kit packs of strips are produced to give you the right amount for one general application, available in many colors and color combinations to ensure your vehicle or trailer meets the required regulations. Please ensure to clean the surface area before application with a good alcohol based surface cleaner.Our 5 Year durable conspicuity reflective truck tape is made by Incom, a respected manufacture in the industry. If your choice criteria calls for the finest conspicuity tape that money can buy then you have found the product for you. This DOT-C2 reflective conspicuity tape exceeds requirements of the NHTSA (49 CFR 571), and every strip carries the DOT-C2 watermark certification for compliance. This premium quality reflective tape provides the industry’s highest visibility guidance in wet or dry weather conditions with full reflective strength from distances of 1,000 feet or more. Modular pattern of reflective prisms allow it to be mounted in any position while maintaining reflective performance.

  • 5 Year Durability
  • Imprint Your Own Logo*
  • Meets DOT-C2 Specifications
  • 750 Candlepower
  • Highest Night Time Visibility

*Please contact customer service for information on our custom imprint program. We are able to print your company name or logo to any of our conspicuity products.

Need to know the DOT Conspicuity Tape application requirements and regulations? See diagram and DOT tape application instructions in this guide: Requirements for Conspicuity DOT-C2 Reflective Tape for Trucks & Tractor Trailers to Meet Federal DOT FMCSA NHTSA Regulations

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.


Product Specifications

Weight 0.6 lbs



30 ft


2 in


11 mils





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