Durastripe Stop Sign – WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS

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Durastripe Stop Signs are great to help identify work flow and caution. Come in many sizes and will help with your safety and production.

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Product Description


Basic Floor Stop Sign designed to be highly effective when placed on your facility’s floor.

  • Low profile durable floor sign
  • Strong strong slip resistant surface specifically designed for use on floors.
  • Resist foot and forklift traffic.
  • Chemical and water resistant.
  • Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation.
  • No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up to limit productivity.

Part Numbers: 0031-UEN, 0032-UEN, 0033-UEN, 0034-UEN, 0035-UEN, 0036-UEN

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.


Product Specifications

Weight N/A

Red, Glow


12 in x 12 in, 16 in x 16 in, 20 in x 20 in, 24 in x 24 in, 30 in x 30 in, 32 in x 32 in


Adhesive, Magnetic


30 mils, 60 mils



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