FS3037V Floor Sign | Heavy Duty | Maintain Distance 6FT/2M Apart | Red/White | 3″ x 24″ | Pack of 5


GET READY TO RE-OPEN YOUR BUSINESS! – Coronavirus Covid 19 Social Distancing floor marking strips will make it easy for you to provide easy-to-follow directions for your customers.

  • TOUGH AND DURABLE – these floor markings will stand up to the heaviest traffic flow! You won’t find yourself replacing these as a result of scuffing, impact, or cart traffic.
  • SIMPLE TO APPLY – Easy peel and stick application for a quick set up. Easy peel to remove at the end of the day or after the event.
  • ANTI-SLIP – textured surface meets graphics floor traction requirements and will keep your customers safe from slipping.

Product Description

These high visibility anti-slip graphic floor signs provide a constant reminder to your employees about important Workplace Hazard, Safety Requirement, and General Notice information details. Constructed from a high-quality adhesive VynMark stock, we laminate a thick textured material to these signs for added durability as well as improved slip-resistance. The sub-surface printed images provide extended durability and will stand up to heavy pedestrian traffic. The aggressive adhesive will adhere to most smooth, clean, and dry floors.

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight 0.5 lbs

Carpet Vinyl with Matte Finish overlay