Conformable Foil Anti Slip Strips 6″x 24″


Our conformable anti skid tape is designed for diamond tread steel and other uneven surfaces.

• For application on uneven surfaces such as durbar tread
• Aluminium foil backing has no memory so conforms to surfaces
• Reduces risk of anti-slip lifting from uneven surfaces
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Product Description

Use these 6 inch by 24 inch cleats to add slip safety to your diamond plate step points. The conformable black anti slip tape is produced using a foil backing allowing it to conform to any irregular surface. Our conformable anti-slip tape improves traction on any diamond tread surface, especially in wet conditions.

Most anti-skid tape has a memory that will slowly pull itself back to a flat condition. Certain surfaces such as: stair nosings, uneven surfaces and textures become difficult to stick to for this reason. The foil base carrier of our conformable anti-skid tape will mold itself to the shape and stay put where applied.

  • Available in 60′ rolls and multiple widths to meet your needs.
  • Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation.
  • Standard stock colors to highlight step points.
  • Flame retardant – certified to CAA FAA specification 8 for use within cockpit areas.
  • Perfect for vehicle bumpers and step points.

Durbar plate, checker plate, diamond tread are all commonly used for fire exits, walkways, access platforms etc. You can see them used almost everywhere. It is a common misconception that the pattern provides a safe surface to walk on, unfortunately this is not correct.  Diamond plate is an extremely slippery surface, especially when wet. Metal does not easily provide a non slip floor (it’s hard surface does not attract grip) and the pattern often creates more problems than it solves (the rises result in less surface area for footwear).  Many government safety websites warn of the risk of using diamond texture type plate in critical areas.  Conformable safety-grip tape is the answer to the problems that irregular metal plates create.  Diamond plate was previously impossible to coat with a non slip surface, a conventional non slip tape would rise up when stretched into the valleys.

Conformable anti slip tape is special, it has a class O, dead soft aluminium foil backing.  The advantage of using a foil instead of a conventional plastic is for the following reasons:

  1. Foil has zero stretch tolerances – unlike a plastic it will not be stretched, when a plastic stretches it wants to revert to its original state so will lift from an irregular substrate.
  2. The foil has no memory, it can be pressed into place and will remain in that shape.

The upper surface of Conformable safety-grip tape is a conventional abrasive, this results in exceptionally high grip levels (coefficient of friction), the abrasive upper surface provides grip even in wet or dirty conditions.  The diamond hard mineral (9 on the MOHS scale) ensures that good grip is obtained.  Conformable anti slip tape is an extremely popular material, we produce the material in a wide variety of standard widths and shapes, and we can easily create almost any width or shape all within extremely accurate tolerances.

One additional benefit of Conformable non slip tape being constructed using a foil instead of plastic base is that this gives it high flame retardancy levelsConformable safety-grip tape has been tested and certified to CAA FAA specification 8 for use within cockpit areas, for more information please contact our technical sales team.

Part Numbers: CON624N, CON624Y, CON624Z

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.


Product Specifications

Weight N/A

Black, Yellow, Black/Yellow


6 in


2 ft


25 mils


60 Grit


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