ifloortape 5S Premium 10 inch Arrow Shaped Warehouse Traffic Floor Marker (6 pack) – White Arrow


  • EXTREMELY DURABLE – Uses a thick, dense, plastic shell that feels like a credit card.
  • MUCH STRONGER ADHESIVE – Now 20% stronger adhesion for superior results.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION – Just peel and stick. No more stencils and paint fumes in your work area.
  • COLOR THROUGH – Solid color with no layers that may be scratched or begin to separate over time.
  • VERSATILE – Show people where to go, equipment adjustment positions, use on wall, door or floor.

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Product Description

Designed for facility wide 5S Lean Organizational Layout Heavy Duty Industrial and Warehouse Floor Marker ShapesThese heavy duty ARROW SHAPE decals are large, visible and part of an effective, durable floor marking system. They are great for directional marking in heavy duty areas of the warehouse, loading dock, processing and distribution areas – and they can be used on carpet. This is the most durable and effective floor marking system for manufacturing, industrial, assembly areas, receiving dock and more. These 5S Symbols will improve the visual layout of your facility. Another step toward a clean, neat and efficient operation using 5S and visual controls.

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

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