ifloortape Foil Base Pavement and Concrete Striping Tape

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Use this tape indoors and outdoors to mark off warehouse safety aisle, driveway, parking lot, basketball, pickleball, tennis court, stairs, sidewalk and work areas. Conforms to adhere to textured and diamond plate surfaces.


Product Description

  • SUPERIOR ADHESIVE – Conformable foil base maintains a secure bond to properly prepared surfaces rain or shine.
  • GLASS BEAD REFLECTIVE SURFACE – Designed to provide reflectivity for improved low light and nighttime visibility for low light and nighttime conditions.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – And with no paper liner to discard. No dry time, cure time, fumes or paint clean up.
  • HOME OR SHOP – Perfect for small projects. Add lines or make repairs quickly. Basketball key, parking spaces or outline steps.
  • VISUAL ORGANIZATION – Perfect material for Dashed lines, L shapes and T shapes. Highlight area for bins, carts or to promote visual safety.

 Economical, Highly Visible, Heavy Aluminum Foil Base Retro-Reflective Indoor-Outdoor Marking Tape suitable for marking warehouse, driveway, street, steps, sidewalks or anywhere durable markings are required.

This product is used by the City of Portland Oregon to mark downtown parking.

This highly-reflective pavement marking tape will resist fading, chipping and peeling much better than painted lines. Apply by hand for easy marking of dry pavement parking areas.

Typical uses for this product:

  • Often used in a warehouse environment to add highly visible permanent lane marking and area organization. Mark out the receiving area for product pallets, outline the location of equipment and other organizational marking of your facility.
  • Excellent for marking shipping lanes. Truck back up lights reflect for easier navigation to line up with the shipping doors.
  • Great for back up lines to aid parking of RV or boats.
  • Good for marking uneven sidewalk hazards.
  • Commonly used as a reflector on non-traditional items you need to see at night such as fire hydrants, fences and posts.

For added durability and permanent applications on worn asphalt or concrete we recommend using a primer. You may need to email or call us to discuss your application. We have also used Dap Weldwood Contact Cement as an excellent bonding agent for permanent tape application.

When Applying:

Use a pressure washer or stiff broom with soap and water to clean the surface. Smoother is better. If the surface is very textured or porous a primer must be used to aid bonding. Always test a small area before completing the project. If it does not stick well then, the surface preparation is incomplete. Simply apply the primer with a roller the width of the tape where you want the tape to stick and then apply the tape by hand as soon as the primer is dry. (About 15 minutes depending on the humidity) It is recommended to do this with two people. Roll a heavy vehicle down the tape line to tamp. A stiff bristle broom may help for heavily textured asphalt. Do not overlap the tape. It will not stick to itself. Splice the tape where lines intersect.

The tape edges are sharp – gloves are recommended. The tape will not stretch – if pulled too hard it will tear. (Think heavy aluminum foil) A small roller or rubber mallet will help ensure the surface bond. The tape must be completely pressed into the surface edge to edge.

You can drive on our tape immediately after you apply to the surface.

Part Numbers: E-04-150-W, E-04-150-Y, E-04-300-W, E-04-300-Y, E-06-150-W, E-06-150-Y, E-06-300-W, E-06-300-Y

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight N/A

White, Yellow


30 ft, 50 ft, 108 ft, 150 ft, 300 ft


2 in, 4 in, 6 in


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