LiteMark Removable Thin Stem Arrows

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Excellent for marking directions or reference points on floors, walls, doors and signs to help guide and direct people for easier flow, efficiency and uniformity.

  • 2 Inch – Pack of 144
  • 3 Inch – Pack of 120
  • 6 Inch – Pack of 15 or Pack of 120
  • 10 Inch – Pack of 12 or Pack of 66
  • 12 Inch – Pack of 48
  • 18 Inch – Pack of 18
  • 24 Inch – Pack of 12
  • 32 Inch – Pack of 6
*Please note: Pack Quantity options vary by size. Please select the Size before choosing the Pack Quantity.
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Product Description

Ideal for open house, tour, trade show, conference and other events where you need to direct guests, staff or students to a location. Idealy suited for smooth indoor surfaces such as vinyl tile or concrete.

  • Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation.
  • Lower tack water based adhesive is designed to be non-residue and removable for up to 2 years.
  • Slightly matted – Smooth finish.

Part Numbers: 631-thin-02-10, 631-thin-02-22, 631-thin-02-31, 631-thin-02-34, 631-thin-02-57, 631-thin-02-61, 631-thin-02-70, 631-thin-03-10, 631-thin-03-22, 631-thin-03-31, 631-thin-03-34, 631-thin-03-57, 631-thin-03-61, 631-thin-03-70, 631-thin-06-10, 631-thin-06-22, 631-thin-06-31, 631-thin-06-34, 631-thin-06-57, 631-thin-06-61, 631-thin-06-70, 631-thin-10-10, 631-thin-10-22, 631-thin-10-31, 631-thin-10-34, 631-thin-10-57, 631-thin-10-61, 631-thin-10-70, 631-thin-12-10, 631-thin-12-22, 631-thin-12-31, 631-thin-12-34, 631-thin-12-57, 631-thin-12-61, 631-thin-12-70, 631-thin-18-10, 631-thin-18-22, 631-thin-18-31, 631-thin-18-34, 631-thin-18-57, 631-thin-18-61, 631-thin-18-70, 631-thin-24-10, 631-thin-24-22, 631-thin-24-31, 631-thin-24-34, 631-thin-24-57, 631-thin-24-61, 631-thin-24-70, 631-thin-32-10, 631-thin-32-22, 631-thin-32-31, 631-thin-32-34, 631-thin-32-57, 631-thin-32-61, 631-thin-32-70

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


2 in, 3 in, 6 in, 10 in, 12 in, 18 in, 24 in, 32 in


3 mils



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