LiteMark Removable Thin Stem Arrows

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Excellent for marking directions or reference points on floors, walls, doors and signs to help guide and direct people for easier flow, efficiency and uniformity.

  • 2 Inch – Pack of 144
  • 3 Inch – Pack of 120
  • 6 Inch – Pack of 20 or Pack of 100
  • 10 Inch – Pack of 12 or Pack of 60
  • 12 Inch – Pack of 48
  • 18 Inch – Pack of 18
  • 24 Inch – Pack of 12
  • 32 Inch – Pack of 6
*Please note: Pack Quantity options vary by size. Please select the Size before choosing the Pack Quantity.

Product Description

Ideal for open house, tour, trade show, conference and other events where you need to direct guests, staff or students to a location. Idealy suited for smooth indoor surfaces such as vinyl tile or concrete.

  • Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation.
  • Lower tack water based adhesive is designed to be non-residue and removable for up to 2 years.
  • Slightly matted – Smooth finish.

Part Numbers: 631-thin-02-10, 631-thin-02-22, 631-thin-02-31, 631-thin-02-34, 631-thin-02-57, 631-thin-02-61, 631-thin-02-70, 631-thin-03-10, 631-thin-03-22, 631-thin-03-31, 631-thin-03-34, 631-thin-03-57, 631-thin-03-61, 631-thin-03-70, 631-thin-06-10, 631-thin-06-22, 631-thin-06-31, 631-thin-06-34, 631-thin-06-57, 631-thin-06-61, 631-thin-06-70, 631-thin-10-10, 631-thin-10-22, 631-thin-10-31, 631-thin-10-34, 631-thin-10-57, 631-thin-10-61, 631-thin-10-70, 631-thin-12-10, 631-thin-12-22, 631-thin-12-31, 631-thin-12-34, 631-thin-12-57, 631-thin-12-61, 631-thin-12-70, 631-thin-18-10, 631-thin-18-22, 631-thin-18-31, 631-thin-18-34, 631-thin-18-57, 631-thin-18-61, 631-thin-18-70, 631-thin-24-10, 631-thin-24-22, 631-thin-24-31, 631-thin-24-34, 631-thin-24-57, 631-thin-24-61, 631-thin-24-70, 631-thin-32-10, 631-thin-32-22, 631-thin-32-31, 631-thin-32-34, 631-thin-32-57, 631-thin-32-61, 631-thin-32-70

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight N/A

Blue, Black, Orange, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Multi-Color


24 in double arrow, 2 in, 3 in, 6 in, 10 in, 12 in, 18 in, 24 in, 32 in


3 mils



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