LiteMark Removable Unifoot Straight Shoeprint Decals – Safe for Floors and Walls – Various Pack Sizes

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Perfect for temporary applications. Use up to two years to direct the flow of foot traffic. Ideally suited for smooth indoor surfaces such as vinyl tile, hardwood or concrete.

  • M – 9 Inches – Pack of 12 (6 Pairs)
      • XL – 12 Inches – Pack of 8 (4 Pairs)
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Product Description

Ideal for temporary floor marking applications. Simple, intuitive direction guide. Walk the route and count the steps or plan for a footprint sticker every 24 to 30 inches.

  • Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation.
  • Durable enough to withstand high foot traffic.
  • Matte finish.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Ultra thin edges will not trap dirt.

12 Shoeprint Pack – All Straight Feet – no Right or Left. Easier to apply without checking for which foot to apply. A great way to direct foot traffic for short term events.

These LiteMark Brand Removable Adhesive prints are used to visually guide people. The realistic size is easily visible</strong > – 9 inches long – based on a ladies size 7 shoe outline.

These foot shape cut outs show people where they should stand. They are< strong>easily removable without leaving a sticky residue for up to 2 years. Easy on, easy off! Make your event unique! These footprints are easy to apply and a great way to eliminate confusion. Want to visually show people where to step for dance moves or where to stand for portraits? These temporary feet are a great solution.

Specially made using a low tack water-based non-residue adhesive! Prior to application it is best to clean the surface. No special preparation is required – just be sure it is clean and dry.

Great to lay out a walking path track in your company to motivate and inspire fitness. These stickers are best for smooth indoor surfaces. Often seen at trade shows, conference centers, retail stores, schools, hospitals and for walking plant tours. They may be used for short term events on carpet. Bear in mind that the footprints will take on the texture of the carpet and may look wavy. In light traffic they may last for several weeks, in high traffic they may only last 1 day depending on the type of carpet. Smooth tile and concrete

Simplify the wedding or play rehearsal positions: Place a pair of footprints on the stage where each person should stand.

Use for way finding at Church Sunday School, gym, theater, dealership, hospital, or office. Designate start and path of queue. A great tool to improve patient satisfaction – Direct people to customer service or information desk.

Part Numbers: 631-unifoot-09-10,631-unifoot-09-22,631-unifoot-09-31,631-unifoot-09-34,631-unifoot-09-57,631-unifoot-09-61,631-unifoot-09-70,631-unifoot-12-10,631-unifoot-12-22,631-unifoot-12-31,631-unifoot-12-34,631-unifoot-12-57,631-unifoot-12-61,631-unifoot-12-70

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

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Blue, Black, Orange, Red, Green, White, Yellow


12 in, 9 in


3 mils



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