PermaStripe Heavy Duty 4″ x 2.5″ Floor Marking Arrow 39mil – 10 Pack

Excellent solution for industrial floor applications and any other harsh environment where high traffic, water, oil or chemicals could be a problem.

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Product Description

PermaStripe floor marking arrows are a unique solution to plant aisle marking. By reducing the area of contact by over 85%, your re-marking activities will be greatly reduced as well. If an arrow needs replacement, the task is simple. Made of solid color (not color printed on white tape) 0.04″ PVC, the edges are tapered as well as slightly curled downward for a firm contact to the floor to prevent edge lifting and scuffing. The adhesive is applied from edge-to-edge to ensure that it is permanently adhered to the floor. PermaStripe marking arrows are the only marker of its kind on the market today. The adhesive is extremely strong, permanent and completely unique in the industry. The top is made of a dense material with a high shore hardness and smooth to resist fork lift damage from pivoting wheels.


Meeting OSHA regulations and standards are a vital part of a business, and require work from all companies, Permastripe can make that work a little easier, this incredibly strong marking tape meets OSHA regulations and 5s standards, and due to the high durability of this material, it will be the last floor striping project needed for a long time.

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications



Blue, White, Yellow, Black/Yellow


3.5 in


39 mils