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Tape Applicators & Accessories

When you want to apply industrial tape with minimal effort and mess, tape accessories and applicators can perform the job beautifully. Floor tapes provide workplace safety as well as logistics, especially in hazardous areas. Sometimes mounting clips can also assist.

Larger businesses such as factories or industrial plants are more likely to use standard or grit tape applicators. Using one reduces strain on the human body, allowing the operator to maintain posture while applying the tape.

Using a floor tape applicator allows for easier and quicker installation, leading to safer foot and vehicle traffic flow and preventing bottlenecks or slowdowns. In addition, since some tape material can contain substances potentially harmful to humans, the applicators also avoid contact with bare skin.

Selection Of Tape Accessories And Applicators

Take a look at our options for accessories or applicators. Each is designed to provide solutions to typical problems with industrial tape.

Our Industrial Floor Marking Tape Applicator can work with multiple types of rolls, which can install up to 1500 ft of adhesives within an hour. Choose your speed when walking and perfect any necessary straight line applications. The automatic release liner will match your pace.

You can never go wrong with some tape basics. The classic dispenser allows one to rip off strips of tape with convenience, and there are heavy industrial options. Some are designed for corrosion resistance in the case of exposure to various contaminants or chemicals.

We recommend the Cleanroom Tape Dispenser with a powder-coated steel structure for corrosion resistance for a single roll. It also comes in stainless steel as an alternative. The serrated blades for cutting the tape are replaceable and made of electroplated chrome. It can hold rolls up to two inches wide, making it suitable for slightly more extensive types of tape. It’s also bench-mountable if your business requires that.

When applying adhesives to certain surfaces like wood or concrete, they can cause damage to the finish when peeled off. These materials are often porous and require reinforcement. You have to apply a primer to the surface to prevent floor damage. The primer coat will prevent potential water damage to either the floor or the adhesive as an added benefit.

Take a look at the Primer PRIM, which comes in 17-ounce containers. It will seal porous surfaces while providing a layer to which an adhesive can adhere. Primer reduces the need for floor repair with that guarantee when using industrial tape or damaging wood, stone, or concrete.

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When it comes to, we are the leaders in finding solutions regarding industrial tape applications. We have many options for workplace tapes and the best means to use them with the appropriate tools. Businesses may change, but their organizations still need floor marking tape and suitable applicators.
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