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Whether you have a small office or a large business, safety signage is an important part of any workplace. To maintain a safe, comfortable, and productive environment, it's vital that your employees and guests are instantly and consistently alerted to potential hazards.

Business and Office Safety Signage

The signage in your building should be clear, visible, and consistent with your company's standards. Poorly designed or poorly maintained signs can create confusion, become a distraction to workers, or may even pose a workplace hazard.

It may seem like common sense but you can never be too careful when it comes to safety in the office. Many people often take for granted the amount of effort that goes into ensuring health and safety standards are upheld.

There are several types of signs that you should consider, including those related to navigation, operational safety, and emergencies. You can even use temporary signage when moving into a new office space so everyone knows where everything is located. Additionally, keep in mind that there may be specific regulations you must adhere to, such as OSHA regulations or ADA requirements.

Reliable Safety Signage for Your Office or Business

It’s important to invest in wall signs, floor tape, and other safety markings that are produced from high-quality materials to maximize durability, visibility, and ease of application. Fortunately, at, we offer a diverse range of safety signage that fits in perfectly in office settings.

Office Floor Marking Tape

As the pandemic continues, you’ll need physical distancing markers to remind employees and visitors to maintain a safe space between them. Alternatively, you can opt for a simpler solution with these LiteMark floor decals, which are much less verbose (and somewhere between these two options, you’ll find these Stand Here floor signs).

Depending on the working conditions in your workplace, or the regulations in your town, state, or industry, you may also need Face Covering Required markings. Meanwhile, these Red "No" Symbol Decal Stickers from LiteMark can be placed on walls or floors and are great for directing traffic, restricting access, or preventing certain actions.

Office Wall Signs

If your business provides curbside pickup for your products, then post this Curbside Pickup wall sign optimize the efficiency of your drop-offs. Almost every office needs a Wash Hands Before Returning To Work wall sign, while some require a personal protective equipment (PPE) sign.

Directional Arrows and Exit Signs for Your Business

Navigational signage is critical for maintaining operational safety in your office. For example, if there's an emergency, employees can follow these Double Sided Photoluminescent Exit Signs to evacuate the area quickly.

Signage also serves as directional tools for visitors with no prior knowledge of how things work inside your office. These LiteMark Durable Vinyl Floor Arrows come in 15 different colors to facilitate order and promote operational effectiveness.

Maximize Office Safety with Safety Tape from

Even in the smallest office, safety is paramount. Whether it’s for keeping your employees safe or helping your visitors to navigate, office signage prevents the losses in time and revenue that can be caused by unmarked hazards and hallways.

Fortunately, at, we offer an abundance of floor marking tapes in diverse designs, shapes, and colors. Better still, we’re passionate and collaborative, so we’d be delighted to help you narrow down your options. For more ideas on maximizing workplace safety with office safety signage, reach out to our team today.