Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape

Reflective tape has a wide variety of applications, including automotive, sports, and industrial uses. Because reflective tape contains prisms that reflect light, it can be applied to different surfaces and objects to make them more visible at night or in dark areas. At, we carry a great selection of durable reflective tape to meet a variety of needs ranging from marking commercial trailers to helping track golf balls.

Shaped Reflective Tape and Stickers

We offer pre-cut reflective tape in shapes like arrows, dots, and letters. LiteMark Reflective Letters and Numbers are perfect for marking vehicles. These reflective stickers are available in eight colors, and you can order just the characters you need. They come bound to transfer tape, making it easy to apply reflective serial or licensing numbers to your fleet.

LiteMark Reflective 2 Inch X 2 Inch Arrow Decals can be an important safety addition to your business or worksite. These directional arrows can mark exit routes, pipe flow direction, emergency equipment, and more. They can even be used for trail marking to increase visibility for hikers, bikers, and those on motorized vehicles. These durable reflective arrows are easy to apply and can last for years.

Reflective Tape for Vehicles and Equipment

Our inventory of reflective tape includes options that are optimal for commercial and agricultural vehicles. Whether you have a truck, trailer, forklift, van, tractor, bus, or other vehicles or equipment, we have the right reflective tape for you.

Our Reflective DOT-C2 Conspicuity Red/White Tape meets state and federal requirements and can be applied to large vehicles and trailers, ensuring they are seen properly at night. Rolls of this reflective tape are 150 feet long, and they come with a 7-year durability rating. The permanent adhesive works on steel, aluminum, and fiberglass and will last for years as long as it is applied to a clean, dry, and grease-free surface.

Another DOT-compliant reflect tape we have is the Reflexite® Conspicuity Tape. This DOT-C2 reflective tape has a 10-year durability rating and even maintains reflectivity after impact. It features microprism, which is more reflective than glass beads and can reflect up to 250% more light for saver drives.

For fleet markings, we have the VG Reflective Tape. This engineer grade retro-reflective tape comes in an assortment of colors to give your fleet vehicles a safe and attractive reflective marking. It’s easy to handle, has a 7-year durability rating, and features glass bead technology.

Improve Visibility With Reflective Tape From

At, we are committed to creating custom solutions for our customers. No matter your industry or how the reflective tape is being used, we are here to help you find the best product. To learn more about our reflective tape and markers, please contact our team of experts today.