School floor marking tape is a vital tool for school administrators and teachers. The marks on the floor can help with traffic flow, provide safety warnings, and designate the location of classroom entrances and emergency exits.


School Floor Marking Tape

Schools often use different colors of tape to differentiate between areas or identify specific items. This might include the use of red tape for fire alarms, yellow tape for hazards, and green tape for eye washing stations and other safety equipment.

 It's important for all employees in a school to be aware of what these markings mean. This empowers teachers and staff to react swiftly and decisively in stressful situations.

Floor Safety Tape for Schools

Schools are a place for learning and growth, but they can also be an environment that’s difficult to navigate. In order to make it easier for everyone on campus to get around, many schools use floor marking tape in the hallways and classrooms.

 What about other areas, such as the cafeteria or gymnasium? That's where we come in!

 At, we offer a wide variety of durable floor tapes for both indoor and outdoor applications. That way, you can find the perfect solution for the specific needs of your school.

Cat Paws, Dog Paws, and Symbols

These LiteMark Cat Paw Prints are perfect for schools with cat mascots, while these Dog Paw Decals are ideal for their rivals. Alternatively, these LiteMark Flowers are great for decorating the wall of the school garden.

Concrete and Pavement

For maximizing safety in parking lots, on outdoor basketball courts, and other paved walkways, use our Reflective High Durability Concrete and Pavement Marking Tape. This vibrant, versatile tape adheres swiftly when applied on a warm day.

Footprints and Shoeprints

You can use these LiteMark Durable Floor Footprints to indicate to your students where they stand to form lines. Alternatively, you can accomplish the same and add a more playful touch with these LiteMark Durable Barefoot Footprints.

Navigational Arrows

These LiteMark Durable Rounded Arrows are an eye-catching navigation solution. They come in 15 colors to provide you with maximal customization options.

Letters and Numbers

We could consider the many uses of alphanumeric decals but, when it comes to a school setting, that would take way too long. These LiteMark Durable Vinyl Letters and Numbers, for example, are an excellent option for simplifying navigation, making announcements, or commemorating important events.

Promote Safety with School Floor Tape from

Do you have a school floor that doesn't get enough traffic to warrant using paint? Maybe your floors are of solid color or textured material. If so, has what you need.

 Our abundant catalog of floor marking tape varieties ensures that every educator can find the signage they need for a safe classroom and productive school year. Whether you want symbols, letters, and numbers for designing flair, or arrows and footprints to improve navigability, we have the safety solutions you need.

 Additionally, we’re collaborative, knowledgeable, and passionate about making schools and workplaces safer. If you want more ideas for organizing your school with floor marking tape, contact our team today.