Community Gatherings & Events

Every community group needs signage to advertise their events and gatherings. This might include churches, local businesses, schools, youth clubs, or sports leagues.

Signage for Events and Community Gatherings

Signs are a great way to inform people of what's going on, where they can go, and what to expect. Event floor markings look professional, optimize the navigability of your function, and improve your attendees’ experience.

If you're hosting an event in your community, it’s vital that you consider the organization of your event, and how to clearly indicate important information to your guests. Fortunately, at, we have everything you need to maintain order at your next event.

Community Gathering, Convention, and Event Floor Signs

Signs and banners are a popular way to add color and life to events and gatherings. However, floor and wall marking tape is often overlooked. From letters and numbers to footprints and navigation arrows, floor signs are the unsung heroes that prevent your event from spinning into chaos.

Alphanumeric Floor Tape

These LiteMark Removable Letters and Numbers are available in block or rounded typeface, nine vibrant colors, and four versatile sizes. LiteMark’s Durable Vinyl Letters and Numbers are longer lasting and will withstand greater foot traffic while providing you five additional colors to maximize organization and optimize communication.

Floor Arrows

Our Premium Heavy Duty Arrows are perfect for directing foot traffic, preventing congestion, and promoting movement. These ‚Äč‚ÄčLiteMark Removable Comet Arrows catch the eye with 9 bright colors and a fun, unique design.

Footprint and Shoeprint Floor Decal

With these LiteMark Durable Barefoot Footprints you can playfully promote navigability or direct attendees where to stand to form a line. Meanwhile, our Premium Shoeprint Floor Markers accomplishes the same in vibrant, eye-catching colors.

High-Traffic Floor Sign Tape

For extra durability, opt for this TuffMark High Traffic Floor Marking Tape that can withstand high traffic and stressful weather conditions. With several colors and designs available, you can ensure optimal organization and safety at your gathering without the stress of constant reapplication.

Pavement and Concrete Floor Tape

At some point, you’ll likely need to make various markings in parking lots, on streets, or on sidewalks. This Foil Base Pavement and Concrete Striping Tape adheres to diamond-plate and textured surfaces, making it ideal for marking out parking spaces, event stalls, and foot traffic walkways.

Social Distancing Floor Marking Tape

Nowadays, it may be vital for you to use Maintain Distance tape to promote safe distancing between attendees. If you want something a little less curt, this Please Wait Here floor sign tape politely reminds attendees to be mindful of their space.

Optimize for Organization and Efficiency at Your Next Event

Event organizers spend a lot of time developing and producing their events. Unfortunately, too often, event floor markings and signage become a last-minute consideration.

However, a disorganized, confusing experience can stick out in an attendee’s mind and negate the hard work you put into the content. If you’re planning a community event, it can pay off later to put serious planning into your infrastructure. For more ideas on how to organize your next gathering, reach out to us today.