Vehicle Marking

Vehicle Marking Tape

Certain specialty and commercial vehicles require appropriate marking tape. Similar material can be used for vinyl and branding for cars or trucks, which can last for a long time. If you need certain decals or vehicle marking tape, then browse our options below.

Selections of High-Visibility Vehicle Marking Tape

Take a look at our options for vehicle marking tape and vinyl. We have products that can adhere to various vehicles or other objects while lasting for a long time.

Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape

You can find DOT conspicuity tape here, some of which are required for FMCSA regulations. Simply clean surfaces before applying for the best application. Determine how much versatility you prefer, if you need UV stability and which vehicles to which you would wish to apply the tape.

If you would like reflective tape from the brand, we have Reflective DOT-C2 Conspicuity Solid Color Tape. This tape has a permanent adhesive and can be used on multiple surfaces including steel and aluminum. Use for many vehicles, including agricultural equipment, cars and trucks.

If you prefer marine SOLAS options for nautical applications, then we have FD1403 Oralite Microprismatic Reflective Tape. This submersible, water resistant tape is designed for safety of life at sea, and for reflecting across a long distance. Attach to either rigid or soft surfaces.

Custom Vinyl Decals

We have options for when you want vehicle graphics, tailored for specific vehicles. For cars or trucks, we have Custom Cut Vinyl, a solvent-based graphic that can be applied to smooth surfaces indoors or outdoors. The material is thin at 2.5 millimeters, but can last for up to seven years even with adverse weather conditions.

We use solid color vinyl shapes while other companies use printed vinyl designs. The reason is that we want the vector images to adhere to smooth surfaces while looking professional.

If you want a custom vinyl car decal from our store, you simply need to select a size, a color, and upload a graphic. Provide a description so that we know exactly what you want and can adhere to your needs as best as possible.

Vehicles That Require Conspicuity Tape

Farming Equipment

On farms and ranches, large equipment includes tractors, threshing, and trailers with significant horsepower. That means that people who work in the area need to be able to see them avoid potential collisions or accidents.

Emergency Vehicles

Ambulances, police cars, road services, and other emergency vehicles need utmost visibility on the road. That way, during a dire situation, other cars can allow them to pass, and people who need help can see them.

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At, you can find what you need to follow federal regulations, keep your business safe, or promote trade. We have other solutions for many business problems, from material for reflective stickers to different tapes that can improve your branding.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. The experts at are ready to help you find the easy-to-apply tapes that are suited for your business or vehicular needs.