Hazard Tape

Hazard Tape for Workplace and Industrial Application

If you work in a factory, or any other industrial workplace, you know the importance of hazard floor tape. It’s one of the most essential tools for keeping yourself, your employees, and any workplace visitors safe.

However, it might come as a surprise to many people that sticky hazard tape has a wide range of professional and industrial applications. The truth is, though, that this type of tape can be used in a variety of settings to keep people safe.

Whether you’re working in a factory or an office, it’s important to know about the different types of adhesive caution tape and how they can be used to protect you and your coworkers. Fortunately, at, we have the expertise — and the product catalog — to keep you informed about, and prepared for, improving safety in your workplace.

Black and Yellow Hazard Tape

This type of hazard tape (yellow and black) is often referred to as “CAUTION” tape, and it’s the most frequently used type in industrial settings. If you work around hazardous conditions — for example, if you operate machines or power tools that can cause injuries if not handled correctly — then you need to be using PVC hazard tape with black and yellow caution stripes.

This type of striped tape is designed to warn people of potential dangers in the area. Remember, however, that even black and yellow adhesive hazard tape should be used in conjunction with other safety measures, such as signage, to ensure that everyone is aware of the hazards present.

Checkered Tape

Checkered hazard tape is also known as “DANGER” tape and is useful in a variety of ways. It’s commonly used to mark off areas where there are no entryways allowed. In factories, for example, black and white checkered tape may be used to mark off areas where equipment or machines are operating.

This type of tape can also be used if you’re drying out an area that has been flooded. It’s important to check the area because it could be prone to flare-ups or other hazards, and having checkerboard tape in place will help you see clearly where there may be problems.

Safety Tape

If you work with electrical wiring, then safety tape is another essential choice for your workplace. If the wrong wire is ever cut or if any faulty equipment is brought in, it’s important to be able to identify problems quickly and safely.

Electricity isn’t the only potential hazard that safety tape can help to manage. For example, if you’re working with pipes that contain flammable gas or chemicals, you can use red safety tape as a warning mechanism.

Many professionals use safety tape when working downhole on oil rigs too. It enables them to distinguish their equipment and tools from others in the area, and it also keeps everyone safe by marking potentially dangerous areas.

Maximize Safety with Adhesive Hazard Tape from

At, we carry a wide range of hazard tape products that can be used in any industrial setting. From green safety tape to yellow and black adhesive tape, we have a diverse selection to serve a wide range of workplace applications.

Even better, we have the experience and knowledge to help you select the right product for your specific needs. If you want help to ensure you choose the ideal hazard floor tape for your operations, reach out to our team today.