Pavement Marking Tape

Pavement Marking Tape

Are you tired of repainting striped parking lines? Do you want your property to look great and can afford the best? Then reflective pavement marking tape is your best choice. The most common way of striping parking spaces, driveways, roads, and tennis courts is to paint the lines onto concrete or asphalt.

Many people do not realize that there are new high-performing reflective pavement marking tapes available that can be easier to apply and last much longer than painted lines. That is why we’re here to extol the benefits.

What Kind Of Tape Will Stick To Concrete?

Pavement marking tape in general is good for the road. You can get permanent or temporary options. Some are designed to even fill cracks while melting into the asphalt.

Reflective Concrete Tape is another option. This is good for outdoor social distancing, as well as for permanent or temporary applications.

We don’t generally recommend masking tape as an option, but it can apply to concrete blocks as a temporary solution. It will stick, but the masking tape won’t last.

Is Pavement Tape Cost-Effective?

The cost for paint is fairly low, whereas pavement marking tape may cost $3-$12 for a typical 17ft parking lot strip. . When you factor in the average life span on a painted line (1-2 Years) versus the lifespan of a pavement tape (5-10 Years) the value cost over time points towards pavement tape.

How Do You Apply Pavement Marking Tape?

First, clean the surfaces involved. Check the weather, because rain will ruin the application and warm weather will improve it. Use an applicator instead of your hands, to establish straight lines or curves.

Things To Consider For Best Results.

Know what you are getting before you start. Tape is not perfect, it needs some time to cure completely and in the first week, it will be susceptible to damage from pivoting tires. If this happens and you need to do some repair it is better to know the risk upfront. If the project can be scheduled for a time when less traffic is expected this would be ideal.

Foil tape has less strength against twisting tires and the cost is much less. Many cities use this foil pavement tape in downtown parking areas because it can be done around vehicles in place and there is no setup, clean up, or dry time before it can be driven over.

Start with a good surface. Smoother is better for rubber-based pavement tape and our foil-based pavement tape will conform to uneven surfaces. Remove debris, flaking paint, sweep, use a blower, compressed air, or pressure wash. The cleaner the surface, the better the tape will apply.

Use a primer for best results. Porous surfaces will wick water under the tape and interfere with the adhesive bond. A clear, rubber cement-type primer will seal the surface and improve the bond of the tape.

Temperature, temperature, temperature! No less than 50 degrees F and rising. The adhesive bond needs warm conditions to work best.

Keep it dry. Allow 48 hours after pressure washing or rain in full sun conditions. Wait for the morning sun to dry any overnight dew and avoid overcast, humid days to install pavement marking tape. Check that there will be a good 2 days of dry weather after the install is complete.

Align and keep the tape strips straight. Use a guideline for professional results. Pull out a few feet, align and apply.

Rules, tips, and tricks. Do not overlap the tape seams, use butt splices. Apply at least 200lbs of downward pressure on the tape by rolling over it with a car tire (take care not to twist tires on the tape) or a tamper cart. On long runs, score the tape every 30ft to allow for expansion. Corners can be miter cut by overlapping the two ends, cutting through both with a utility blade, and then removing the overlapping pieces.

Temporary Pavement Marking Shapes

Temporary pavement shapes can help you with navigating traffic In the case of new barriers and new lanes opening up, you can apply them quickly while reducing the chances of traffic drastically increasing.

Consider if you want to invest in LiteMark Removable Pavement Marking Symbols. The pressure-sensitive adhesive is durable.

Adhesive Pavement Footprints

US Marine Corps Yellow Pavement Footprints use glass beads for visibility in the middle of high traffic. They will also last for a long time and handle rough footing.

Questions To Ask If Considering Which Is Better For Your Application:

How often will I need to reapply the stripes? For paint, it may be once every 1-2 years depending on wear. Tape products will generally last 5-10 years. They can also be repaired in heavy wear areas rather than completely replaced.

Will it make a difference to the professional look of my parking area/property? For some business owners/associations looking their best at all times is the reason to use brighter pavement marking tape with crisp edges instead of paint.


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At, you can get the knowledge on temporary or permanent pavement marking tape, as well as the necessary signs. We believe in finding unique solutions for business problems that require thinking outside the box.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. You will find your answers about handling high traffic, and managing dry time.