Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape serves as a safety measure within businesses, warehouses, schools, factories and gatherings. It can mark hazard areas, denote where to place packages, and reduce potential slipping, especially in places with big spills. You can even use them to keep social distancing areas, an increasing necessity with current events.

Best Floor Marking Tape

When choosing a marking tape, always consider its primary workplace in your space. Different brands and products have various features, from the types of adhesive to skidding protection. Durability is another factor, how long you want the tape to last and how it will respond to foot traffic. Determine if you need to meet any OSHA standards or avoid any potential health risks.

Consider, for example, if you have slippery areas such as staircases or outdoor patios. If customers or employees run the risk of falling, the building owner or management runs the problem of liability.

Sometimes you want to stick to the basics and use tape that can direct customers and employees while handling foot traffic. People often walk quickly and would rather save time when being required around a location where product arrangement has changed.

In other cases, you want a tape that you can use in rooms that require cold temperatures for storage or maintaining equipment. The Durastripe Cold Storage Floor Marking Tape, as one example, can be used in temperatures as low as thirty-six degrees Fahrenheit. As an added benefit, it will not chip or tear within such environments.

We recommend it for pallet layout and arrangement, as well as directing traffic flow in warehouses. It has a low-friction surface to reduce potential skidding.

When you need a simple solution to directing foot traffic, wayfinding, or establishing distancing guidelines consider Litemark Durable Vinyl Floor Marking Tape. It has a High Gloss Finish and a smooth surface that maintenance can clean easily, making it a viable option for crowded areas. Install easily after wiping down the places where you will adhere to the tape and choose from a large number of color choices.

The Litemark Durable Vinyl Floor Marking Tape removes with minimal effort when you need it to., can be used for various options. It has a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, and chemical resistance.

Do you need specific caution tape to warn off people from certain areas? Implement the

4425/0425 – Cleanroom Barrier Tape with barrier caution stripes. Acrylic adhesive means that you can attach the tape to glass floors, tiles, or certain doors. It will help you comply with OSHA regulations.

Find Removable Floor Marking Tape At seeks to provide customized solutions for our customers. We gather information about how people best use our products, to increase safety in the workplace and provide unique solutions. Our team does sample testing, to make sure that each tape is more than ready for various tasks. Feel free to make a request as you see fit.
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