DOT Reflective Tape

Trucks and certain vehicles have to meet regulations for visibility on the road. Dim light in the evenings or in areas with poor illumination can cause potential danger for the drive and those in other vehicles. We make it easier to help you follow the rules. Department of Transportation or DOT reflective tape will help you prevent any crashes while transporting cargo, or running long hours on highways.

What Is DOT Reflective Tape?

DOT reflective tape is a type of conspicuity adhesive designed specifically to heighten visibility. It has the trademark DOT certification for truckers to implement. The FMCSA mandated their use on commercial trucks, because heightened visibility increases road safety. An impact-proof option is a good idea.

DOT Reflective Tape Requirements

Trucks need to use DOT C2 Reflective Tape specifically if they are over 10,000 pounds and wider than 80 inches. Trailers require red and white alternating DOT C2 reflective tape that is 2 inches wide running along at LEAST 50% of the length and must cover the full width of the exposed rear area

Clean the surface of your vehicle and remove any grease. You simply need to press the tape to the surface, either with a tape roller or manual labor.

DOT Reflective Tape for Trailers

Take a look at the Reflective DOT-C2 Conspicuity Red/White Tape, which will last for up to seven years. The self-adhesive base will attach to any truck surface, including steel and fiberglass. You can use it for trucks and forklifts as well, and even agricultural equipment. Customers like the versatility.

Trailer rears require silver white and upper tape. The back and bottom require red and white. You need to cover the rear bar completely, as well as the bottom of the vehicle’s back. The trailer’s upper rear needs to have an inverted L that measures at least twelve inches minimum.

DOT Reflective Tape Placement

You need two strips of white for DOT reflective tape installation. Our DOT white reflective tapeis more than suited for the job, also coming in red and yellow. It will reflect large amounts of light, heightening visibility

Long-lasting dot reflective tape will also prevent truckers from receiving citations on the road. Often, newer vehicles lack the DOT-C2 reflective material. Conspicuity tape on trucks can save you from a fine or potentially losing your truck driving license. The same goes for conspicuity tape on trailers.

Reduce Poor Visibility With Selections From

At, we take workplace safety seriously. That also applies to work conducted via commuting, with high demand for the products being transported. Our tape, adhesives, and signs are designed to reduce potential injury while on the job and keep employees and visitors safe.
To find out more, please reach out to us today to find your DOT reflective tape rolls. You can protect your sides and rear, especially at night. Our representatives like to help customers find conspicuous reflective tape for road safety.