Industrial Tape

Marking tape is a workplace necessity. Some industries such as manufacturing need the adhesives to denote hazard areas, Road construction workers use them to set up temporary pavement lines and schools use them to set distance guidelines and traffic flows.

Types Of Workplace Tape

Workplace tapes are available for most any specific surface, we have tapes for concrete and asphalt, carpet, tile, wood, and more. In addition, tapes are designed to meet your purpose and the environment. Need something water-resistant, or capable of withstanding extreme temperatures we can assist you in finding the right ones.

Floor Tape

Standard floor tape helps create walking paths and designate areas as allowed or with limited access. They can especially help with social distancing.

One of our recommendations is LiteMark – Durable Vinyl Floor Marking Tape. It installs easily on smooth and clean surfaces, requiring no drying time. It is long-lasting in most foot traffic environments such as schools, churches, or gathering areas. It comes in a wide variety of widths and colors.

Hazard Tape

Some businesses and buildings have forbidden areas or ones with ample hazards. For example, a warehouse may have forklifts and heavy cargo transported around. They may want to designate areas where visitors or employees should not walk, to prevent potential collisions. Hazard tape, also known as barricade tape, can serve as a benefit for that.

Do you have a high-impact area that takes a lot of wear and tear? Are your floors uneven and inconsistent? Consider investing in Durastripe Supreme V Floor Tape. Decide on if you want a narrow tape, or a wide one; we have options as narrow as two inches or as wide as twenty-four. The matte surface allows for some traction, reducing the chances of slipping.

Reflective Tape

By law, some trucks and vehicles are required to have reflective tape. The material allows for other drivers to see the trucks and to prevent collisions. They can also be used to direct traffic.

The FMCSA requires that truck drivers implement Reflective DOT-C2 Conspicuity Solid Color Tape. It has a permanent adhesive and will install easily for your benefit. You can also use them for automobiles, forklifts, trailers, and other types of vehicles. This particular brand of tape will last for up to seven years.

Glow-In-The-Dark Tape

In preparation for an emergency situation where power might be lost and lights are unavailable, there is glow-in-the-dark marking tape. The material is great for required egress markings, to pave the way for emergency exits within a workplace. During blackouts or power outages, having a clear path can save lives.

Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Egress Marking Tape will more than help you fulfill these regulations. It emits white in the dark while appearing green when under natural or artificial light. It has a smooth demarcation and even comes with a Super Glow option.

Find Your Ideal Adhesive Tape At is all about helping you find solutions to business problems. From adhesives to signs, we focus on delivering on convenience or safety with our resources. You can find what you need. We have the reputation to back up our selections of anti-skid traction or grip tape.

To find out more about types of barricade tapes, please reach out to us today. When you need standard masking tape or a heavy-duty option to warn about hazards, we are ready to accommodate.