Cleanroom Tape

Cleanroom tape is an important tool for any technician working in a clean room or laboratory setting because it can help prevent cross-contamination. It fastens containers holding sensitive materials, seals seams on cleanroom suits, and secures equipment and items to the floor.

Cleanroom Tape for Sterile Environments

Cleanroom technicians need to be aware of which tapes will work best in their environment. The type of tape needed depends largely on the type of surface being taped, as well as how much contact there will be between surfaces before removal.

However, while your needs may differ between applications, your expectations should not. It’s important that you find the highest quality cleanroom tape for your specific workplace.

Autoclave Tape

For sterile environments, autoclavable tape is a necessity. Temperature sensitive tape gives visual confirmation that it has been exposed to a specific temperature to verify that the sterilization process was successful.

Our High-Temperature Autoclavable Cleanroom Tape can withstand temperatures of up to 273° F (134° C). It can be written on making it great for labeling, and with the irradiation option, it’s ideal for use in sterile medical environments.

Anti Static Tape with Electrically Conductive Adhesive

Anyone who works with electronics is familiar with the danger of static electricity. A shock of as little as 5 volts can damage equipment, so a static-free environment is vital in some cleanrooms.

You can clearly announce the areas that need to be safeguarded from electrostatic discharge (ESD) with colored antistatic tape that features the ESD symbol. If you need circuit board tape for safe use in a static-free workplace, this anti-static cleanroom tape with electrically conductive glue is what you’re looking for.

Heat Resistant Tape

Many cleanroom environments conduct operations under high temperatures. In these situations, technicians must be confident that their tape can endure.

Our diverse line of heat-resistant tape ensures that scientists and factory technicians alike can find the right binding tool for their needs. For example, this high-temperature polyimide cleanroom tape utilizes a long-lasting, acrylic adhesive, it’s resistant to tears, and is ideal for silicone-sensitive environments.

Using the Right Cleanroom Tape

Every workplace requires specialized equipment and, sometimes, that’s tape. When you’re working in a sterile environment, you have to be confident that your floor marking tape can keep pace with you.

Whether you require vinyl floor tape with low adhesion or something that can endure hazardous conditions, has got you covered. We can make sure you’re stocked up on these crucial clean room supplies and more.
At, we have a passion for creating custom solutions for our customers. We want to help you stop the guessing game, even for something as small as tape. What works best for your colleagues or competitors may not be the ideal solution for you, so you deserve a company that will tailor their approach to your specific needs. If you want to talk more about the best tape for your workplace, contact our team today.