Essential Workplace Safety Signage

Essential Workplace Safety Signage

Posted by Scott Cercy on Oct 21st 2021

Workplaces need safety signs for both employees and visitors. These signs reduce the risk of injury or liability because people can trip, fall, suffer lacerations or bruises; your business runs the risk of being held liable for these injuries and the costs associated with them. Not to mention that OSHA requires particular signs to maintain standards in specific workplaces.

Watch Your Step Signage

Some warehouses and industrial workplaces have uneven areas or stairs in dim locations. Signs can help make people aware of these dangers. If you are in a facility with escalators, you want to remind people to step up or down at the right place.

Safety Strips For Steps

In other cases, you want safety tape for steps for areas with dim lightning or uneven footage. Such tapes have bright colors to heighten visibility and catch the eye. They can remind people where to place their feet, especially when they are carrying heavy items.

If you need a specific brand, we recommend Gator Grip CAUTION. WATCH YOUR STEP Repeating Message Anti-Skid Tape. It’s one of our bestsellers, known for long-lasting qualities, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Warning Signs

Some safety warning signs in the workplace are designed to protect people from harm or exposure to dangerous biological hazards or chemicals. We have an array of such signs to warn both visitors and employees.

Exit Signs

Especially with social distancing becoming a necessity, you want to designate exits and entrances in case of emergency. Some doors outside lead to dead ends. An “Exit This Way” sign will reduce any potential confusion.

For one good option, use the Durastripe Arrow Sign – EXIT THIS WAY. Place on facility floors to direct traffic in the safest, most direct manner.

Stop Signs

Stop signs can prevent potential collisions or accidents in workplaces with forklifts, vehicles, and foot traffic These can include parking lots with multiple drivers and pedestrians, warehouses with multiple forklift operators, or even busy city centers. Having stop signs can remind drivers to slow down, especially when transporting delicate equipment.

Watch For Pedestrian Sign

See if the Durastripe Stop Sign – WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS is a good fit for your business. Choose your perfect color and size, as well as if you prefer an adhesive or magnetic model.

Do Not Enter Sign

Some areas need to be restricted, like offices with confidentiality or those with delicate or dangerous equipment. The sign reminds people that they are not allowed inside for a reason unless they are authorized personnel. They receive a fair warning and cannot claim otherwise.

The Durastripe Stop Sign – DO NOT ENTER sign is one such example of this type of warning.

It is slip-resistant and designed to handle high foot traffic. Simply peel off the back layer and apply with no mess or chemicals.

Meet OSHA Standards With

At, you can find the necessary signs, tape, and other safety measures to help your workplace meet regulations. Our goal is to provide you with the proper tools that you need to take special precautions.

To find out more, please reach out to us and ask questions about signs or tape. If you have a unique workplace problem, ifloortape wants to find the solution. Simply ask about the proper hazard signs to handle your unsafe practices.