Safety Signage

Safety signage is a necessity in many workplaces. Signs can convey instructions about a designated area, as well as rules that can prevent accidents or collisions. When placed appropriately near a hazard or relevant space, they can communicate effectively with short sentences or visuals. People then develop established safety habits or learn new ones in a short amount of time.

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Signs are a constant reminder to new and established people in a workplace, from visitors to temporary contractors or long-term employees. They provide a visual reminder that alerts a customer to rules or hazards. As an added bonus, having safety signs can reduce the cases of liability if a person is injured on your premises.

Types Of Safety Instruction Signs

We have many safety sign options for your workplace, either indoors or outdoors. Determine the potential or current problems that you may have and that can inform your purchase. Aim for durable vinyl and bold, vibrant colors. Always adhere to any regulations such as those from OSHA.

In general, aim for signs that have clear messages. If you are seeking social distancing signs, for example, make sure the message “SIX FEET APART” is clear. We have listed a few options below that abide by this criterion of clarity, including exit signs.

Slippery When Wet Sign

Wet floors are a common workplace hazard, owing to regular maintenance from sanitation crews. Unsuspecting people may walk by and slip causing damage or injury. ,.

The Incom – Slippery When Wet Sign has both durable vinyl as well as bright yellow colors to warn about potential slips. With a strong adhesive that can adhere to clean floors, it is designed to last. The vinyl has a protective vinyl layer for spills, making it a great floor sign.

Caution Fork Lift Caution Floor Marker

Many warehouses use forklifts for transporting goods. They are also heavy machinery and can injure unsuspecting pedestrians. That’s why having a sign in crowded warehouses is necessary to reduce injury.

For workplaces with both heavy forklift and human traffic, consider the Armor Stripe Polypropylene Ultra Heavy Duty FORKLIFT TRAFFIC Floor Sign. These signs are made of durable plastic as opposed to vinyl, with a large font for visibility. Tapered edges are designed to handle potential forklift impacts.

Hand Wash Instruction Sign

With recent events emphasizing the need for sanitation, handwashing has become more important. By law, food establishments need to have handwashing signs for their employees, since the products they sell cannot be contaminated. A case of illness can lead to a health inspector visiting.

Pedestrian Signs

You may see these traffic control signs at crosswalks or intersections. Sometimes an operator or vehicle driver may be in a hurry and not abide by speed limits. They need visual reminders to keep an eye out for pedestrians.

For such a safety sign, consider a Durastripe Stop Sign which says “WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS”. They are designed specifically for workflow traffic, with vehicles and people. Decide on adhesive or magnetic if you need to remove the sign.

Warning Signs

You may want a more general warning sign, depending on a specific or potential hazard. In film locations, they can be as simple as a warning about wires. Other signs may be more creative, say about asking people not to allow others to tailgate into a building.

The Durastripe Warning Sign – CUSTOM MESSAGE is one viable option for unique danger signs in the workplace. Simply type in your message and notify us.

Safely Label Your Confined Spaces With Indoor And Outdoor Signs

At, you can find a large selection of caution signs and industrial tape to reduce potential injury to workers and visitors. We know how to meet OSHA regulations and keep the people in your workplace safe, with the right tools.
To find out more, please reach out to our representatives and we will answer all of your questions. When it comes to solutions from, you’re in good hands. We have the warning signs, tape, and means to identify hazardous areas.