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Court Marking Tape

Recreation floor marking tape and sports safety signage are essential in any athletic center or school gymnasium. Safety is paramount, and operations can be impacted by confusing or unprofessional settings.

Recreation and Sport Floor Marking Tape and Safety Signs

Floor marking tape is an excellent way to improve safety and operational effectiveness in your facility. It can:

  • reduce slipping hazards in pools and on courts;
  • help designate boundaries for activity areas, lanes, or fields;
  • provide guidance for emergency exits, accessibility-friendly routes, and safe passage;
  • indicate areas that are off limits for access or play.

Floor tape is a great way to make your gym, community center, or school more safe and efficient. Fortunately, at, we have everything you need to keep your athletes on the court, field, or track.

Floor Marking Tape for Sports and Recreation Applications

Floor marking tapes are available in many varieties. They come in many colors and designs, they can be applied in several ways, and not all tapes are made with the same materials. Therefore, it's important to ensure that you find exactly what you need.

Pavement and Concrete Marking Tape for Courts and Tracks

This Reflective High Durability Marking Strip is the perfect solution for many outdoor applications. Available in six vibrant colors, you can mark off a court or track, or organize events that take place in parking lots, on streets, or on sidewalks.

Similarly, our bright Foil Base Striping Tape is ideal for marking the outlines of a concrete basketball court. Alternatively, with this Gator Grip Stadium Track Stip, you can place lane markings on a track while improving slip resistance.

Slip Resistant Floor Tape for Showers and Pool Decks

Speaking of fall protection, these Coarse Resilient Slip Resistant Strips improve slip resistance in and around gym showers and pools. In fact, this Coarse Resilient Tape for Barefeet accomplishes the same goal and is specifically designed for easy cleaning.

Glow-in-the-Dark Floor Tape for Emergency Navigation

This Acrylic Photoluminescent Strip is ideal for calling attention to ledges and other hazards, even when the power goes out. Similarly, this Photoluminescent Running Man Right and Left Directional Sign indicates the nearest exits in the event of an emergency.

Safe Distancing Floor Tape and Decals

These Safe Distance Floor Marking Signs warn your athletes to keep a safe distance from hazards. Meanwhile, this Please Wait Here Floor Sign is a little more specific, allowing you to indicate exactly where they should wait.

Tackle Safety with Sports Floor Tape from

Perhaps the main contributor to a fun, athletic environment is safety - although, organization is a close second. Hazards and disorganization can cost you in time, resources, and even reputation.

This is why it’s vital to your organization that you make safety and order a top priority. Floor tape is an excellent means for achieving this as it contributes to both characteristics at the same time.

Fortunately, you’ve found a reliable and knowledgeable collaborator in If you want more ideas for using floor marking tape to optimize operations in your sports organization, reach out to our team today.