Comparison of Adhesive Footprints for Safely Guiding People

Comparison of Adhesive Footprints for Safely Guiding People

Oct 7th 2021

When considering the various types of material that are used to make floor marking adhesive footprints consider these options.

Will there be a concern over slip or fall hazard liability?

Several materials are UL rated for traction. The anti-skid footprints and the UL-Traction footprints will meet this criteria. Prevention and Preparation are the legal defense for a slip and fall accident in the workplace. The underlying question will focus on what was the cause of the accident (rain water on the floor, spill etc.) and how could it have been prevented or prepared for to avoid the condition. Using slip resistant floor marking shapes provides the preparation component to avoid the accident even when some other cause like water on the floor is present. If a liability question was ever raised having proof that the proper surface was applied will limit the risk of damages. Footprints in this category: Anti-Slip 60 Grit Traction Footprints.

Will there be heavy traffic and pallet jacks or forklifts in the area?

In this case we would recommend a heavy duty/ thick material with a dense shell to resist damage. These products will be ideal for the industrial environment: Heavy Duty Plastic 31mil, 12" Extra Large Footprints and DSX 9.5” Footprints.

Will traffic mainly be walking traffic and carts with small wheels?

Adhesive arrows can be combined with footprints and used for directional marking.[/caption] A very thin material will be best for this application. Industrial floor footprints are made from very thick PVC material so as not to tear and resist high forces of pallets and forklift tires. In a retail, school or medical environment the concern is this thick edge will be a bump for small carts and a place for dirt to accumulate around the edges. Our thin vinyl footprints are much more suited to address these concerns and the color through material will not delaminate or wear through. Review these options: Long Term Vinyl Footprints in Various Sizes. Same as above but designed for short term use and easy removal up to 2 years after application are the Easy to Remove Event Footprints. Footprints that glow in the dark will guide people to the exit when the lights go out. These options are available in Solid Glow Non-Slip. For low pile carpet, a conformable material with removable adhesive and edges that will not flag up is the ideal carpet footprint.