Durastripe Supreme V Floor Tape

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DuraStripe Supreme V is ideal for high impact areas, worn and uneven as well as new / smooth floors. Strong but removable adhesive for easy layout changes and repairs.


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Product Description


DSV Floor Tape is named for the fifth formula change to meet the durability needed to last in harsh floor marking areas of distribution and manufacturing.

  • Conformable material is ideal for worn and uneven as well as new, smooth floors.
  • Strong but removable adhesive for easy layout changes and repairs.
  • Good for heavy traffic areas and industrial applications.
  • Beveled edges that create a ramp effect and limit the side impact from cross traffic.
  • Slightly matte surface for traction.
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes for a complete solution from one family of products.
  • Extra wide tape option to create an entire walkway for your safety aisle.

Durable – A conformable, matte surface PVC floor marking tape designed to resist wear heavy duty traffic. No more constant re-striping, this floor tape will hold up well and it is easy to repair. See video for more details on how to install and repair.

Visual – Bright, vibrant colors are easy to clean. No more dingy lines – take pride! DSV Tape keep the area looking sharp and professional.

VersatileAvailable in 11 assorted colors, multiple lengths and a variety of widths to meet your needs. Also look for our full range of die cut shapes like footprints, dots, pallet markers and arrows. Create an entire marking solution with tape, angles, dots and signs.

Create a plant wide floor marking system for repeatable results. Ideal for high impact traffic areas, marking off drive aisles, pallets, equipment, product storage, and work areas. Strong yet removable adhesive is a great feature when the layout changes or it is time to repair the tape lines. Simply overlay a replacement piece of tape, cut through both layers for an invisible seam patch. No more re-striping, just maintain your existing lines.

Part Numbers: DSV12100B, DSV12100B/W, DSV12100B/Y, DSV12100BK, DSV12100G, DSV12100G/W, DSV12100G/Y, DSV12100O, DSV12100R, DSV12100R/W, DSV12100W, DSV12100Y, DSV12400B/W, DSV12400B/Y, DSV12400G/W, DSV12400G/Y, DSV12400R/W, DSV1250B, DSV1250BK, DSV1250G, DSV1250O, DSV1250R, DSV1250W, DSV1250Y, DSV2100B, DSV2100B/W, DSV2100B/Y, DSV2100BK, DSV2100G, DSV2100G/W, DSV2100G/Y, DSV2100O, DSV2100R, DSV2100R/W, DSV2100W, DSV2100Y, DSV2400B, DSV2400B/W, DSV2400B/Y, DSV2400BK, DSV2400G, DSV2400G/W, DSV2400G/Y, DSV2400O, DSV2400R, DSV2400R/W, DSV2400W, DSV2400Y, DSV24100B, DSV24100B/W, DSV24100B/Y, DSV24100BK, DSV24100G, DSV24100G/W, DSV24100G/Y, DSV24100O, DSV24100R, DSV24100R/W, DSV24100W, DSV24100Y, DSV24400B/W, DSV24400B/Y, DSV24400G/W, DSV24400G/Y, DSV24400R/W, DSV2450B, DSV2450BK, DSV2450G, DSV2450O, DSV2450R, DSV2450W, DSV2450Y, DSV250B, DSV250B/W, DSV250B/Y, DSV250BK, DSV250G, DSV250G/W, DSV250G/Y, DSV250O, DSV250R, DSV250R/W, DSV250W, DSV250Y, DSV3100B, DSV3100B/W, DSV3100B/Y, DSV3100BK, DSV3100G, DSV3100G/W, DSV3100G/Y, DSV3100O, DSV3100R, DSV3100R/W, DSV3100W, DSV3100Y, DSV3400B, DSV3400B/W, DSV3400B/Y, DSV3400BK, DSV3400G, DSV3400G/W, DSV3400G/Y, DSV3400O, DSV3400R, DSV3400R/W, DSV3400W, DSV3400Y, DSV34100B, DSV34100B/W, DSV34100B/Y, DSV34100BK, DSV34100G, DSV34100G/W, DSV34100G/Y, DSV34100O, DSV34100R, DSV34100R/W, DSV34100W, DSV34100Y, DSV34400B/W, DSV34400B/Y, DSV34400G/W, DSV34400G/Y, DSV34400R/W, DSV3450B, DSV3450B/W, DSV3450B/Y, DSV3450BK, DSV3450G, DSV3450G, DSV3450W, DSV3450Y, DSV350B, DSV350B/W, DSV350B/Y, DSV350BK, DSV350G, DSV350G/W, DSV350G/Y, DSV350O, DSV350R, DSV350R/W, DSV350W, DSV350Y, DSV4100B, DSV4100B/W, DSV4100B/Y, DSV4100BK, DSV4100G, DSV4100G/W, DSV4100G/Y, DSV4100O, DSV4100R, DSV4100R/W, DSV4100W, DSV4100Y, DSV4400B, DSV4400B/W, DSV4400B/Y, DSV4400BK, DSV4400G, DSV4400G/W, DSV4400G/Y, DSV4400O, DSV4400R, DSV4400R/W, DSV4400W, DSV4400Y, DSV450B, DSV450BK, DSV450G, DSV450O, DSV450R, DSV450W, DSV450Y, DSV6100B, DSV6100B/W, DSV6100B/Y, DSV6100BK, DSV6100G, DSV6100G/W, DSV6100G/Y, DSV6100O, DSV6100R, DSV6100R/W, DSV6100W, DSV6100Y, DSV6400B/W, DSV6400B/Y, DSV6400G/W, DSV6400G/Y, DSV6400R/W, DSV650B, DSV650BK, DSV650G, DSV650O, DSV650R, DSV650W, DSV650Y

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.


Product Specifications

Weight N/A

Red/White, Blue, Black, Orange, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Black/Yellow, Black/White, Green/White


2 in, 3 in, 4 in, 6 in, 12 in, 24 in, 34 in


50 ft, 100 ft, 400 ft


34 mils



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