Edge Fix Sealant – Extend Tape Life – 5 Oz Tube


Edge Fix Sealant – 5fl oz tube (EDGE)

Reduce the risk of edge lift in high traffic areas

Product Description

Edge fix sealer greatly helps to prevent the lifting of antislip tape in high traffic areas. It may be used in wet or chemical areas or where there might be a lot of impact at sharp angles (for example one of our non slip stair treads on a stair nosing with heels impacting onto the sides). Edge fix is applied onto the tape edge to improve the bond with the substrate and the tape, it then shrinks into place holding it firm. The edge fix dispenser has an appearance similar to a large toothpaste tube; our nozzle is very fine and allows accurate dispensation.

 To apply: One simply applies the edge fix down the side of the tape using the narrow nozzle built into the tube, it helps to secure the product and extend its life.

A 140ml tube will cover approximately 115 linear feet (35 linear metres), only a very small amount is required for bonding the edges of our grip tape.

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight 0.5 lbs


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