Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

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Ribbed rubber type tape was created as a means for having a non-slip surface with instant drainage. We use the same PVC manipulated material, with a different finish to increase the possible uses.

• Rubber feel, but a more consistent quality
• Allows for drainage

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Product Description

Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape is a symmetrical non-abrasive anti slip material. ­ 

This is produced from a plastic, but, it is almost indis­tin­gu­is­hable from a rubber material, the appearance closely mimics what a ribbed rubber product would look like but with the advantages of a plastic composite. ­   The  ribbed rubber non slip tape provides high levels of coefficient of friction (grip).  It is a very thick anti slip material, as the film is so deep we can coat extra adhesion onto it providing exceptional levels of high adhesion. ­ Its construction allows it to cope underwater if required.

Ribbed Rubber anti slip tape is excellent for using as a lining for tool boxes as the raised ribs allow any debris and excess to fall away from your tools stopping the risk of them being submerged and possibly damaged as a result. Ribbed rubber non slip tape also makes excellent anti slip matting when drainage is also needed.

Important information about Application:

Application must be made on clean, dry surfaces. You can use a cleaner if it helps to remove any grease. We have an alcohol based cleaner available, which is the most suitable for use, as once dry it leaves no films or residues, giving you the best surface to allow your adhesive to bond fully. Porous surfaces would benefit being sealed, to prevent moisture from having a detrimental impact on the adhesive. Once applied, you can increase durability of the application further by using edge fix, which prevents edge lift.

Part Numbers: RIBB1, RIBB2, RIBB3, RIBB4, RIBB6

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.


Product Specifications

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