Glow Line In The Dark Stripe Anti Slip Safety Tape | 2 Inch X 60 Feet


GLOW IN THE DARK STRIPED – Safety traction tape with aggressive 60-Grit traction and strong acrylic adhesive that will form a water-proof bond to most any sealed, clean, dry surface.


Product Description

Our 2 inch X 60 feet glow stripe anti skid traction tape not only has an industry leading grip surface, it is also made with a bright glow in the dark center stripe. The glow stripe anti skid tape initially takes approximately 2 hours to charge in natural or artificial light; it stores the energy and slowly release it when the lighting dims. A must for any organization which wants to fulfill safety requirements, this material does not contain any radioactive materials. Anti-skid tape suited for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • High Traction Surface with high performance, aggressive adhesive.
  • Medium duration “Glow” Lumenescent Quality
  • Glows for up to 6 hours with strongest results in the first hour
  • High durability – water, chemical and wear resistance.
  • Available in 6″ X 24″ cleats. – Call or email to request.
  • Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation.

Part Numbers: GID2ST

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight N/A



1 in, 2 in, 4 in


60 ft


25 mils


60 Grit


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