Resilient Anti Slip Tape

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Resilient anti slip tapes rubber feel makes the material feel pleasant on bare skin, without losing any of its grip, making resilient an ideal choice for places where bare feet will regularly come into contact with the floor e.g. swimming pools, nurseries, or in baths and showers at home.

  • Nonabrasive material, perfect for applications with bare feet or soft fabrics
  • Strong self-adhesive backing which bonds well with any flat surface it is applied to
  • High levels of friction for a non-slip material
  • Easy to clean

Will not damage cleaning equipment

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Product Description

Resilient anti slip is a non-abrasive material that has all the same benefits of our Safety Grip™ range, but it’s non-abrasive finish ensures it is kind to bare skin.

Our resilient anti slip tape, is constructed from plastic, and has been manipulated during the manufacturing process to give it a rubber feel, while retaining the dimensional stabilities of plastic. Its lack of peaks and valleys mean it will not harbor bacteria, making it very easy to clean, therefore an excellent material for use in catering and clinical environments, where strict hygiene standards are always in place.

Resilient grip tape is a durable non-abrasive which has high levels of grip, much higher than many other non-abrasive materials. This product very durable and easy to clean, this is thanks to its 100% embosses surface. This allows no hidden areas where dirt can harbor.

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* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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