Incom Engineer Grade Reflective Tape

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Engineer grade type 1 retro-reflective tape is ideally suited to applications where the subject to be illuminated is in close proximity. Because the embedded glass beads refract and return light to the light source with a wider angle of disbursement compared to prism technology reflective tape, the resulting reflectivity is visible to a wider view and the reflective properties are visible sooner as light begins to illuminate the subject. Tape Application: Minimum application temperature 4 degrees C (40 degrees F) Surface must be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil, wax, silicone. Clean tape surface with a mild soap and rinse with fresh water.

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Product Description

Our 7 year durable engineer grade reflective tape combines enclosed lens retroreflective technology with an aggressive adhesive backing to create a highly visible, durable safety tape. This reflective tape offers exceptional value for permanent applications. Meets applicable requirements for engineer grade applications for Type 1 retroreflective tape as set forth in ASTM D 4956.

  • Permanent Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
  • High Gloss Face Film.
  • White Polyethylene Coated Paper Liner.

Part Numbers: RST110, RST100, RST130, RST140, RST160, RST511, RST512, RST513, RST514, RST516, RST111, RST101, RST131, RST141, RST161, RST521, RST522, RST523, RST524, RST526, RST112, RST102, RST132, RST142, RST162, RST531, RST532, RST533, RST534, RST536, RST113, RST103, RST133, RST143, RST163, RST541, RST542, RST543, RST544, RST546, RST114, RST104, RST134, RST144, RST164, RST551, RST552, RST553, RST554, RST556, RST115, RST105, RST135, RST145, RST165, RST561, RST562, RST563, RST564, RST566, RST117, RST107, RST137, RST147, RST167, RST571, RST572, RST573, RST574, RST576, RST116, RST106, RST136, RST146, RST166, RST581, RST582, RST583, RST584, RST586, RST119, RST109, RST139, RST149, RST169, RST591, RST592, RST593, RST594, RST596, RST1110, RST1010, RST1310, RST1410, RST1610, RST5101, RST5102, RST5103, RST5104, RST5106, RST118, RST108, RST138, RST148, RST168, RST501, RST502, RST503, RST504, RST506

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.


Product Specifications

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Red/White, Blue, Orange, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Black/Yellow, Black/White, Black/Orange, Orange/White


1 in, 2 in, 3 in, 4 in, 6 in


30 ft, 150 ft


5.5 mils



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