LiteMark – 9 Inch Yellow Footprints | 30 Pairs | For High Traffic Areas

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This package covers up to 120 linear feet.

Our floor marking footprints are specially made using a thin yet strong vinyl and high tack acrylic adhesive. Peel and stick to any smooth surface.  Pack contain an equal number of lefts and rights so a pack of 60 footprints would equal 30 pairs.


Product Description

      • DURABLE – Made of a durable color through vinyl, not just printed color on white tape. It is waterproof and easy to clean.
      • PROFESSIONAL LOOK – Low profile, bright, glossy, available in assorted vibrant colors for a professional look.
      • SILENT GUIDE – Foot prints are intuitive to follow. Often used for tours, office parties, open house, directing hallway traffic, construction or steps to a new office or counter location.
      • EASY TO APPLY – Peel and stick application for a quick set up.
      • VERSATILE – Show people where to stand for portraits, ID photos or layout dance moves. Line up your students for lunch or gym or use for dress rehearsal positions.

These feet shape cut outs show people where they should stand. Make your event unique! These footprints are easy to apply and a great visual way to eliminate confusion. Want to show people where to step for dance moves or where to stand for portraits? These footprints are a great solution.

These stickers are best for smooth indoor surfaces.

Typical uses for this product:

      • Warehouse or Workplace floor marking to indicate safe walking paths.
      • To show people where to step for dance moves or where to stand for portraits.
      • Daycare centers, retail stores, schools, hospitals and for rehearsals.
      • They may be used for events on carpet. Bear in mind that the footprints will take on the texture of the carpet and will look wavy. Results will vary based on traffic and carpet texture.
      • Simplify rehearsal positions: Place a pair of footprints on the stage where each person should stand.
      • Use footprints for directing customers, patients and parents. A great tool to improve overall satisfaction.
      • Great to lay out a walking path, designate traffic directions on each side of a hall or stairway, line up kids for gym or recess.

IFT_651-foot series

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications


Blue, Black, Orange, Red, Grey, Clear, Green, White, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Golden Yellow, Yellow Green, Ice Blue, Metallic Gold, Butterscotch


XS, S, M, L, XL


2.5 mils

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