Adhesive Footprints for Asphalt/Concrete/Pavement | Outdoor | Reflective | 11 Inch (1 Pair)

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Product features

  • CONFORMABLE RUBBER BASE with highly reflective glass bead surface even in dark and wet conditions.
  • Designed to provide HIGHER REFLECTIVITY for improved low light and nighttime visibility. Bright yellow color stands out as a clear visual guide.
  • Simple and easy PEEL-AND-STICK ADHESIVE installation with release liner to be used as needed.
  • GREAT FOR SMALL PROJECTS. No dry time, cure time, fumes or paint clean up. Add more or replace as needed with very little effort.
  • High Quality material for a PROFESSIONAL LOOK in and around your building.

Product Description

Indoor or Outdoor Path Marking Solution

  • No More Painting Footprints to Direct Workers, Customers and Drivers. Peel – Stick – Done.
  • Highly Visible, Heavy Rubber Base with Strong Adhesive and Retro-Reflective Glass Beads Pavement Marking Footprint Shapessuitable for marking footprint placement, step points, beginning/end of line or path on driveway, ramp, stairs, street, parking lot, or anywhere you need markings indoor or outdoor to lead or direct people. High grade pavement markers have larger glass beads for a higher level of visibility and slip resistance.
  • Indoor or outdoor use. Footprint shapes will adhere and hold fast in all conditions. Fork lift areas, heavy traffic and harsh weather are no match for these markers. A primer is required if you intend to pressure wash or if the surface is very porous. Apply to a dry surface when the temperature is at least 60 degrees F and rising.


Asphalt Marking Footprints May Be Used Outdoors

  • Give Clear, Visual Directions that Eliminate Confusion about Which Door to Enter or Where to Walk.
  • Choose this highly-reflective removable material for excellent durability. It will resist fading, chipping and peeling much better than paint. Provides easy marking of dry concrete, sealed wood, steel or pavement parking areas. Removes cleanly for temporary applications like construction areas. Adhesive will bond permanently after 6-12 months. You can drive over or walk on the arrows immediately after application. When properly applied, the durability is on average 10 times greater than paint.
  • Aggressive adhesive will stick to any clean, dry surface. For extra durability and on rough or worn surfaces – use a primer like Dap Weldwood Rubber Cement seal the surface prior to sticking the footprint to the pavement.


Easily Create A Visual Trail To Guide People

  • Receiving Dock, Parts Counter, Construction Zone, Will Call and Sales Office – Follow the Footprints.
  • Often used in warehouses to add highly visible safety aisle lane marking and guide people to specific locations. Mark out the way to the receiving area for delivery drivers, outline the path around equipment for proper clearance and other organizational or safety marking of your facility. Excellent for marking an outdoor walking path. The reflective footprint shapes will stand out at night. Great for a self guided walking tour. For added durability on worn asphalt or porous wood or concrete we recommend using a primer. Dap Weldwood Rubber Cement as an excellent bonding agent for permanent applications. Apply a thin layer in the shape of the footprint. A rubber mallet may help conform to heavily textured asphalt. Sand, dirt, oil, curing paint or seal coat will prevent this product from adhering properly. It is always recommended that you test a few on your surface before completing a larger project.
  • Direct people from the parking area right to the correct entry point. Improve your customer or patient satisfaction by helping people find the way when directions could be confusing. Mark the facility safety corridor with footprints that are intuitive to follow.

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight 0.2 lbs

Yellow, White

Pack Size

1 Pair, 6 Pair, 20 Pair