Reflexite® Conspicuity Tape


Continuous Roll of 10 Year DOT-C2 High Intensity Conspicuity Tape for Commercial Truck and Trailer. 8 Mil Polyester Material, Width 2 Inch, Length 150 feet, Pattern 11 Inch White/7 Inch Red, Adhesion Strength 96 oz., Meets Standards FMVSS 108, DOT-C2, NHTSA

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Product Description

Want the very best DOT-C2 reflective tape for your fleet?Get Reflexite® 10 Year Conspicuity Tape. The V82 OEM Grade Microprismatic Conspicuity Tape has a tough, durable construction to ensure you meet conspicuity regulations and standards while improving the safety of fleet operators and fellow drivers. The original reflective truck tape.

  • Outperforms glass bead type tape
  • High performance polyester film
  • Thin & flexible
  • Weather resistant
  • Compliance to FMVSS 108, DOT-C2
  • Maintains reflectivity after impact
  • Exceeds requirements by 200% Microprismatic Technology

How does Reflexite® work?

Light strikes each of the three surfaces of the microprism before returning to the source. The microprism provides more reflective surface area than a glass bead and will reflect up to 250% more light. The microprism’s economical use of surface area delivers a higher level of performance in all applications, which results in superior long distance visibility of the vehicle and greater awareness by the motoring public.¬†Excellent performance day or night.

Advantages of Specifying Reflexite® DOT Grade Conspicuity Material

  • Provides the longest sight detection distance
  • Withstands high-pressure washing and resists edge lift
  • Continues to reflect even after impact
  • Thin and flexible for easy application
  • Can be riveted through
  • Comprehensive warranty

What are the DOT Conspicuity Tape application requirements and regulations? See diagram and  tape application instructions : Requirements for Conspicuity DOT-C2 Reflective Tape for Trucks & Tractor Trailers to Meet Federal DOT FMCSA NHTSA Regulations

Standard Configurations:

  • (6/6): 6″ Red, 6″ White pattern – 2″ x 150′ roll
  • (11/7): 11″ Red, 7″ White pattern – 2″ x 150′ roll
  • Solid White – 2″ x 150′ roll
  • (6/6): 6″ Red, 6″ White pattern – 2″ x 12″ strips
  • (11/7): 11″ Red, 7″ White pattern – 2″ x 18″ strips

Specification Compliance:

  • DOT/NHTSA 49CFR571.108
  • DOT/NHTSA 49CFR.393.13
  • ASTM D4956-05 (Type V)
  • LS300C
  • Transport Canada and CCMTA

How do I tell when my reflective truck/conspicuity tape needs to be replaced? The regulations at 393.11 state that the retroreflective material needs to meet the requirements in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) number 108. The retroreflective tape applied to the vehicle must be in conformance with the American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These references discuss the photometric requirements. A light meter is used to check the lumenosity of the reflective DOT tape on the vehicle and verify that it meets the reflective quality requirements. Put simply, it is up to the driver to check the vehicle for missing, worn and damaged pieces of reflective tape. Look for worn spots and places where the tape is no longer reflecting very much light. You may want to specifically look at the tape on the flatbed rub rail to see if it is excessively scratched or scuffed. Check the reflective tape on the ICC bar for wear from dock lock contact. Does it seem damaged to the point you think it is no longer very effective? If so, a DOT officer might also notice the wear and use the defective reflectors as an excuse to pull you over. There is little information about how much wear or damage is considered acceptable. A bit of maintenance now can save on problems later. The best rule is to clean off dirt and replace damaged conspicuity tape as needed.

Part Numbers: 18686, 18692

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.

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Product Specifications

Weight N/A



2 in


150 ft


6/6, 7/11


8 mils



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