Barricade Tape

Barricade Tape

Barricade tape is the tool you need to rope-mark off dangerous spaces or hazardous areas. Rolls of it carefully arranged can reduce liability, especially in areas with low visibility or slippery floors. It has multiple monikers and synonyms: barrier, construction, caution, warning, danger, hazard, or police tape. They all serve the same purpose: to warn people about entering an area with potential danger. The places in question vary, from construction sites to crime scenes or highway sections with massive car crashes.

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In some cases, barricade tape needs to meet OSHA compliance to reinforce safety procedures. The regulations are fairly straightforward in terms of the color requirements and specific applications. ANSI Z535 has similar requirements for tape, that refer to accident prevention and safety. OSHA and ANSI work in tandem, which is why compliance with the right tools makes a huge difference.

Caution Tape Selections

Browse our selection of caution tapes to determine which is the right match for your business and safety requirements. Always determine if you must follow OSHA requirements, to avoid fines or citations. PrimeGuard is our top brand and one that we will always recommend for hazard tape.

Certain barricades have specific color requirements according to federal regulations. Red and white, as one pair examples, are used to denote fire prevention and protection. Black and yellow, a familiar match with hazard tape is used to protect people from physical barricades. That is why they are common in construction zones or other areas with potentially harmful material storage, low-hanging objects, and excavations that are less than 4 feet in depth. It’s primarily for caution, while other colors denote danger.

If you prefer standard black and yellow, you can’t do wrong with SafetyMark CAUTION DO NOT ENTER Barricade Tape (Case of 12 Rolls) designed to provide the same features at a lower cost. We recommend using this for home and retail applications because the material is designed for light usage, with a thinner-gauge film.

In other more serious circumstances, you want a tape that will denote visual warnings when a person cannot see a hazard, even at a glance. No one wants sudden electrocution on the premises. If your business has buried electrical wires, SafetyMark CAUTION BURIED HIGH VOLTAGE BELOW (Case of 12 Rolls) can increase safety for visitors, employees, or passersby. The thick poly film will resist fading over time, keeping the printed warnings visible to everyone. It will handle

Other hazards can exist in the long term as opposed to the short term. Asbestos is a substance that can cause people to develop cancer over time. That’s why SafetyMark DANGER ASBESTOS Barricade Tape (12 Rolls) is a good option.

Label Hazardous Areas With Materials From is ready to assist you with custom solutions when you need industrial tape for the workplace. We always conduct research to determine what businesses and institutions need in terms of adhesive tapes, and for which purposes.To find out more, please reach out to us today and talk to our representatives. will answer all of your questions about which products will meet OSHA requirements.

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