RPT-750 Reflective High Durability Concrete and Pavement Marking Tape

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A solution for outdoor social distance marking. Our most popular pavement and concrete marking tape. Very versatile for permanent or temporary applications indoors or out. Apply on a warm day. Warming the tape is not required but it will improve initial bond and flexibilty to apply curves or arcs.
Available in 6 Reflective Colors with Sizes up to 39″ Wide & 108 Feet Long. Call for custom sizes.


Product Description

RPT-750 Pavement Marking Tape
BASt Certified. Perfect for Outdoor Roads, Parking Lots or High Traffic Areas.  This durable reflective pavement tape will last for years on your asphalt, concrete or cement surface  Pre-formed with synthetic rubber for tensile strength and removable liner for easy installation.

Permanent Bond Adhesive
Designed to bond permanently to smooth or textured concrete or pavement surfaces. Ultra durable permanent adhesive is ideal for outdoor high traffic areas.  Thick reinforced rubberized carrier with an aggressive weather-proof high bond strength adhesive system. Designed to last years longer than paint which quickly detaches from smooth surfaces.

Durable Under Extreme Conditions
Exceptionally well suited for oil and chemical environments, RTP-750 will stand up to harsh environments including extreme cold or heat.  Features a mild abrasive/slip-resistant surface perfect for steps, landings, curbs, walkways, driveways, parking lots & boating docks.

Highly Reflective Glass Bead Construction
Large glass bead reflective and slip resistant surface is designed to provide improved visibility for low light and nighttime conditions.  RTP-750 has been tested and verified by Retroreflectometer according to ASTM-D-4061 standards.

Best Practices
In addition to warehouses and parking lots RTP-750 can be used for:

  • Caution Stripes Yellow or White caution for 5S stripes in your facility.
  • Equipment Parking Spaces – Red, white and blue lines to outline equipment.
  • Recycle & Garbage Bins – Green to mark recycle & garbage bins locations.
  • Handicap Parking Spaces – Make Handicap parking spaces easily recognizable with reflective blue marking tape.
  • Fire Exit & Fire Lanes – Red Tape to mark fire equipment or fire lanes.
  • Boundary Lanes – White to highlight boundaries or elevation changes.
  • Schoolyard Playground Markings – Perfect for playground markings, Basketball court lines or Pickleball courts.
  • Charging Station Parking – Green RPT-750 can be used to identify spaces for electric vehicle charging.

Technical Data:

  • Adhesive Permanent Co-Polymer Rubber Based Weather-Resistant
  • Application Temperature: – 50-degree Fahrenheit to 104-degree Fahrenheit

Total Thickness: – 60 MILS (1.5mm) as per ASTM-D-4325

* Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish.


Product Specifications

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Blue, Orange, Red, Green, White, Yellow


2 in, 3 in, 4 in, 6 in, 12 in


4 ft, 36 ft, 90 ft, 108 ft


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